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Whether you’re a new homeowner in the neighbourhood or a friendly, familiar face to many, your home is always going to be one of the aspects of your life that makes an immediate impression on people. But whether that impression is good or not depends on what your guests first see.


If they see a broken down door or siding that’s cracking, they may not feel too highly about their visit with you. But if your home’s doors and siding look like they’ve been well taken care of, their experience will be the complete opposite!

Allow Lakeshore Home Improvements to help your home give a great impression with the following products:


Using North Star®’s high-quality patio door, Lakeshore Home Improvements can install an eye-catching and energy-efficient patio door for you.

From North Star®, you have the chance to install patio doors with a perfect combination of beauty, security, and low-maintenance that are backed by a transferable, limited lifetime warranty. You can even tweak them to your style with triple glazing glass (for certain sizes), argon and krypton gas-filled glass, or bronze- and grey-tint glass while enjoying the following features:

  • Stylish grilles
    The beauty of your patio door can be enhanced with traditional or contemporary grilles that are available as ¼″ flat, ⅝″ flat, ¾″ contour, and ⅞″ simulated divided lites.

  • Sturdy construction
    The security of a North Star® patio door is extensive due to its fused corners that were added for extra strength and a perfect seal.

  • Energy efficiency
    Using a wide array of technology, North Star® makes sure their patio doors can resist condensation, reduce noise and heat loss, boost R-values by up to 30%, and resist warping, cracking, and peeling.



Lakeshore Home Improvements can help add beauty and functionality to your home by installing a brand new steel entrance door from Gentek™. Instead of having an old, leaky wooden door, you can have an insulated steel one that will add beauty to and save energy in your home.

We can install a wide variety of Gentek™’s steel entrance doors, such as:

  • Solid doors
    These are made of steel or fiberglass.

  • Classic doors
    These can have vents or internal horizontal blinds between the glass that are maintenance-free and clear glass and grills.

  • Swinging garden doors

  • Centre swing single operator 

  • Side swing single operator

  • Double operator

Our steel entrance doors with decorative glass lites can come with the following window materials:

  • Patina caming

  • Zinc caming
    Can be clear beveled

  • Brass caming
    Can be clear beveled

  • Pewter caming

  • Polished nickel

  • Wrought or black iron

Once you’ve decided to install one of our steel entrance doors, we can offer you further customization. For instance, we can make your home look even more impressive with Gentek™’s Executive Panel and exclusive glass selections along with exterior or interior factory painting in a wide assortment of colours.

We can even breathe new life into your home with more air circulation with Gentek™’s elevation vents. These vents are created by adding what are essentially windows to your door. This ergonomic doorglass allows you to easily open and close it for perfect air flow control. Once you’re done with it, you can close it without fear of having a draft or a break-in as the doorglass has a central lockset that creates a secure seal around the opening.

North Star

For more information on the doors we install, please check out North Star®’s patio doors brochure and Gentek™’s steel entrance doors brochure. To learn more about our other installation products, please contact us.



Well, you need browse no longer; install your perfect window, door, or siding with us!

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